Top 5 Questions about Tattoo Removal

Wanna remove your tattoos? Here's what you need to know

butterfly tattoo

Tattoos in most cases match people’s character and behavior in a particular time or stage of growth. With time, these attributes may change and you begin feeling like you want them gone.

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Laser tattoo removal techniques have triggered many questions from those already having tattoos and wanting them removed or those seeking general knowledge.

Here are some most frequently asked questions:

1. Is Tattoo Removal Painful?

While getting a tattoo is quite painful, we cannot exactly compare the magnitude of the pain with the tattoo removal. Considering that tattoo removal takes far shorter time, the pain is minimal.

However, this will largely depend on the tattoo size. It will take you only few minutes to have your tattoo removed using laser treatments. Again, there are some specialized devices that help reduce the pain.

shoulder tatoo and laser

2. Will the Tattoo Leave a Scar After Removal?

The probability of scarring is barely 5%, as long as you adhere to the aftercare instructions that are provided.

However, scarring risk can increase because of poor circulation, pregnancy, some health conditions, deficiencies in the immune system, dark skin tone, etc.

3. What Is the Number of Treatments Needed to Remove a Tattoo?

This depends on a number of factors. Every one is created unique and different bodies will react differently to ink removal.

An educated estimate will tell you that you need 5-10 treatments to remove a tattoo. This depends on factors like location of the tattoo, quantity and type of ink used, tattoo age, colors used, etc.

4. Are There Any Side Effects of Tattoo Removal?

It is possible that patients will encounter short term side effects, such as swollen and red skin and blisters.

These blisters can become large, at times covering the whole tattoo. Although they are quite uncomfortable for some days, they are superficial and heal well.

Proper post treatment care offered to you can help you deal with this.

5. Do All Ink Colors Disappear Equally?

The answer is - No.

Black ink is said to remove the best. Pink, red, orange and other warmer colors tend to respond well. Permanent make up and white flesh tones have a tendency of turning darker with laser, so they need to be tested before treatment.

There are many other questions regarding tattoo removal, but these are the top ones.